Heaven or hell: Master the art of downwind sailing

Heaven or hell: Master the art of downwind sailing

Choosing the right downwind sail can make a big difference ... Ways to enhance your downwind sailing using the IFS (integrated furling system)

4, June 2021

Naval Architect, passionate sailor and Founder of ONE Palma sail loft in Mallorca, Peter Bresnan explains the benefits of downwind sailing with the new IFS Sail and how it can maximise your downwind sailing enjoyment and is perfect for single handed or short handed crew. Reasons to buy an IFS sail: · Can be hoisted single handed before you leave port, so it Is ready and quick to use as soon as you need to · Is much lighter than other downwind sails. It has no sock or heavy anti-torsion cable · Is easy to hoist, lower and stow, plus it can be pushbutton furled and unfurled from the cockpit · Makes Jibeing safer with no sock catching or twisting. There’s no need for your crew to go forward on deck. · Can be fitted to any Code 0 or gennaker range Learn more: Order:

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