Looking for a naval architect
Palma, Mallorca
15, February 2023
Looking for a boatbuilder
Palma, Mallorca
5, July 2022
Looking for a sailmaker
Palma, Mallorca
20, June 2022
Looking for a rigger
Palma, Mallorca
11, May 2022

Here at ONE Palma, we believe in quality, efficiency and consistency. We provide our team with all the necessary tools so they can fulfil our company's ethos: Lifetime Quality.

This ethos has allowed us to build a strong reputation in one of the world's leading Superyacht hubs. Continuously backing up this reputation means providing our labour force with the lastest working methodology, ongoing skill training courses and weekly project management monitoring.

If you would like to become part of the team, feel dedicated to your everyday work and would like to join a continuously growing company; please let us know.

If there is no opening position for you right now but still believe you can contribute to the team, write to us at:

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